Acunetix is one of the leading tools on the market for detecting vulnerabilities. It’s an easy-to-use tool which has been continuously developed for over a decade; evolving with the latest vulnerabilities and cyber threats. It’s the tool of choice for customers including the US Army, the US Airforce, Barclays Bank, American Express, NIKE and more. It’s available both as an online and on premise solution. Acunetix beats competing products in many areas; including speed, support of modern technologies such as HTML5 and JavaScript rich web applications, ability to access restricted areas with ease, the most advanced detection of WordPress vulnerabilities and a wide range of reports including those for compliance.

  • Detection of SQL Injection, XSS & over 3000 web vulnerabilities
  • Automatically scans all websites, including HTML5 and JavaScript
  • Gray-box scanning – increases detection, decreases false positives
  • Integrated vulnerability management – prioritize and control threats
  • Comprehensive reports available for both executives and developers

For more information visit or contact +971 4 369 9768

Acunetix can:

Crawl and scan your web applications, Detect and alert you of various vulnerabilities in your network, Report and remediate through a wide variety of alerts that support a web developer’s maintenance of website security, Provide HTML5 security, Do deep scans”  and more…

Crawl & Scan

What you can’t crawl you can’t scan. Acunetix can crawl complex web application architectures including JavaScript-heavy HTML5 Single Page Applications while being able to scan restricted areas automatically and with ease. Learn more »

Detect & Alert

With vulnerability detection, it’s accuracy that counts. Acunetix detects over 3000 types of web app vulnerabilities alerting according to severity, but its ability to scan accurately, guaranteeing low false positives, is what places it above the rest. Learn more »

Report & Remediate

A wide variety of reports help developers and business owners alike to quickly identify a web application’s threat surface, detect what needs to be fixed, and ensure conformance with several compliance standards. Learn more »

Register for Your Free 14-Day Online Scan

The Acunetix Online Scan performs a full web & network security scan from Acunetix servers. No download or installation is required. The trial scans for all web vulnerabilities but exact location will not be shown. The Network Security Scan will report full details and remains active for an unlimited period. You can scan our test websites to review a sample of web vulnerability scan details.

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Download 14 Day Trial

The on-premises edition of Acunetix is a Windows software application with which you can perform a full web scan from your computer. The trial scans for all vulnerabilities but exact location will not be shown. You can scan our test websites to review a sample of vulnerability scan details.