Flexera Software/Secunia Deal Registration FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of the deal registration program?

The FlexeraSoftware/Secunia deal registration program has been designed to reward and protect the partner who has put time and effort into generating and working a genuine FlexeraSoftware/Secunia opportunity. By registering an opportunity the partner can increase the discount margin. Each opportunity can only be registered to one partner, leaving other competing partners with a lower margin.

What is the deal registration process?
  1. Partner submits opportunity via deal registration form on distributors’ website
  2. FlexeraSoftware/Secunia contacts partner to confirm receipt and discuss next steps
  3. The end user will be contacted by FlexeraSoftware/Secunia within 3 days from receipt of registration form (conference call together with partner or FlexeraSoftware/Secunia only – as discussed with partner)
  4. Upon further qualification FlexeraSoftware/Secunia provides feedback to partner immediately after call with end user
  5. FlexeraSoftware/Secunia  will confirm deal registration approval or rejection. Any reasons for rejection will be explained accordingly



What kind of opportunity can be registered?

All FlexeraSoftware/Secunia products are available to be deal registered. The only requirements that need to be fulfilled by the opportunity are for the opportunity to be net new (i.e. not known previously) to FlexeraSoftware/Secunia.
The opportunity also needs to be fully BANT qualified (information about the purchasing process, decision makers involved, reasons for purchasing and timeframe need to be available).

Opportunities already known to FlexeraSoftware/Secunia or leads and opportunities that have been passed from FlexeraSoftware/Secunia to the partner cannot be registered.

What information is required to be able to register the opportunity?

All opportunities must be submitted via the deal registration form. The form can be found here. The following information is mandatory to be provided via the deal registration form:

  • Full contact details – reseller
  • Full contact details – end user (including title)
  • Full and accurate BANT details
  • Number of hosts/recipients
  • Any currently used deployment tools
  • Product interest
  • Next actions
Why would a deal registration be rejected by FlexeraSoftware/Secunia?

FlexeraSoftware/Secunia may reject a deal registration request if the opportunity or lead is already known to FlexeraSoftware/Secunia, not fully qualified or not genuine. Deal registration rejections will always be provided with full explanation.
The following reasons may lead to a deal registration rejection (please note rejection reasons may not be limited to the below):

  • Insufficient information has been provided
  • The opportunity has already been registered by a different partner
  • Further qualification has shown that the end user does not have an immediate need or project
  • The end user informs FlexeraSoftware/Secunia of improper business behavior
  • The amount of endpoints does not meet the entry level threshold (1000)
  • The opportunity in question is an MSP opportunity (MSP opportunities cannot be registered)
How can a partner maintain the approved deal registration?

Once the partner has received the deal registration approval he is required to provide regular updates as per set timescales, proportionate to the deal close date. The partner attends fortnightly pipeline calls with distribution and FlexeraSoftware/Secunia to discuss progress and provide feedback on all deals registered and approved.

Should an opportunity not receive any sufficient (real) updates for 30 days or longer, FlexeraSoftware/Secunia may remove the deal registration approval at any time.

9 months Bi-monthly
6 months Monthly
Next quarter Bi-weekly
This quarter Bi-weekly
Next month Weekly
This month Weekly
This week As often as needed to close
What are the benefits of deal registration?

Partners who successfully obtain deal registration approval will gain protection on the registered opportunity against other partners as each deal can only be registered once. The partner will receive additional margin points as per partner program when the deal closes at FlexeraSoftware/Secunia´s discretion.

Are you ready to Register your deal?

Should the partner be successful in closing the deal he will subsequently receive deal registration approval for the renewal.